Chefs World Summit


Round Table Videos

Eco-responsibility: seasonality is a responsibility 

Restaurant handovers:
formulas for success

Chefs’ responsibility in
terms of trends

Training: questioning the
way we learn

Training: the excellence of
the French model

Measures to reduce No-Shows

Can we still eat meat?

Motivation must be earned!

It's for a good cause!

Being a locavore is not
always easy!

The modern toolbox: managing
your company’s image on social networks

What kind of food service is
right for luxury hotels?

Everyday environmental
responsibility: the chefs’ challenge

The sea and ocean in danger:
an update on our marine resources

It’s almost like autarky: doing it all

Hiring: the involvement of
professional networks

The sommellerie of the future

Hiring: All that talent
going around

Service: "Foodways and
ways with words"

Pastry: stopping the use of dyes and chemistry

The use of digital
technology in dining and hospitality

Reciprocity between chefs
and producers

Climate impact on the planet

Innovations in gastronomy