25, 26, 27 November 2018 in Monaco


the Chefs World Summit 2018


We are pleased to announce that the third annual Chefs World Summit
will take place on 25-27 November 2018

This year’s event will focus on three main themes, which will be addressed
in the form of General Statements:

" Chefs act responsibly and are dedicated
to the planet,employment
and other people "


Led by Chef Philippe Joannes, our editorial team is putting together an exciting programme covering a wide array of topics, including:

1. Eco-responsibility
Local food, using seasonal ingredients, supporting animal welfare and responsible fishing, trash cooking...these and other approaches are being adopted increasingly widely by chefs.

2. Training and recruitment
Despite a rise in the number of jobs available in the restaurant industry, chefs are finding it difficult to recruit new talent and the sector does not appeal to young people or jobseekers. Chefs have a role to play in providing training and passing on their know-how. 

3. Social involvement
Several initiatives are emerging to help the disadvantaged (chefs are getting involved in the Restos du Cœur programme to provide food for the homeless, the Les Bouffons de la Cuisine scheme to provide meals for socially excluded people, etc.).

We are honoured to have Chef Mauro Colagreco as the sponsor for this year's congress. To allow the most important players involved to contribute to these themes, we will be inviting chefs, experts and representatives from the government bodies (both French and international) concerned.