This is the 3rd time we have held this international congress, where renowned chefs
come together to discuss the changes in their professions, and go over whatever subjects
may require urgent attention. The event, organized by Catherine Decuyper (Informa France),
is held under the noble patronage of HSH Prince Albert II.



Chefs and gastronomy professionals are involved on all levels, and wish to advance together on the themes that inspire them, so as to bring their voices into harmony, and make themselves heard more widely.
This year, CWS will form the basis for a series of general reports, so that a written record can be prepared
of these discussions for sharing and dissemination. 

Under the direction of Philippe Joannes, the editorial team has developed a socially-engaged agenda for the event:

"Chefs act responsibly and are dedicated to the planet, employment and other people"

  • Chefs committed to the environment: Eco-responsibility; setting the right example to work together to protect the environment and be more aware of our resources.
  • Chefs committed to good jobs: recruit them, train them, keep them on the team! Recruitment, training, handover, motivation.
  •  Chefs who give: everyone has their own way of getting involved to participate in socially responsible activities, which often brings chefs together collectively.


The round table events will be organized around the following major themes for the future: Environmental Responsibility, Training and Recruitment, and Social Initiatives.

Following in the footsteps of Régis Marcon in 2017, Mauro Colagreco will serve as this year's honorary chair; he has invited Jorge Vallejo and several other chefs and experts from various countries, to deliver presentations on subjects dear to them and enrich the discussions with their perspective.